Infographic: How Marketers are Managing the Evolving B2B Business Buyer’s Journey

by on February 19, 2014


While doing some research, I came across this infographic from Bizo and Eloqua: How Marketers are Managing the Evolving B2B Business Buyer’s Journey.

Lately I’ve been seeing way too many infographics where the publishers apparently threw a bunch of statistics at their designers without much thought given to story-telling.  But I think the authors and designers at Bizo and/or Eloqua did a great job of combining facts, words and graphics to lead you to the conclusions they want in this infographic.

They use startling statistics to build the case for marketing automation in a very clear, linear way, and how they overcome each Challenge with a Solution leads you inexorably to craving those marketing automation tools they sell.  (Though playing on their road/journey metaphor, I might have positioned the challenges as “Roadblocks” — and there must be a way to shorten that title).

Kudos to the folks at Bizo and Eloqua for a job well done.

Got any samples of infographics you’d like to share?



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